Placing devices on the map to provide location and high-level information of Nebula devices

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When managing lots of devices or locations, tools that can help identify the device’s geographic location and exact installation will certainly help network admins to troubleshoot quickly.

The “Network Topology” feature in Nebula provides admins the graphic overview of the logical network topology and the status of the devices. To further help identify the exact location and device installation, here where Nebula APP comes in handy.

The Nebula APP has a feature that can place and modify the device’s location on the map by using the GPS coordinates and the Google maps embedded in the Nebula’s Site-wide dashboard can be used to locate the devices or networks within the same Organization. With the Nebula APP, the admins don’t need to list down the device location on a note anymore. What’s more important is that in case of any physical issues, they can immediately locate the device, see the device information, and pull out the device location photo for troubleshooting. Or, if they are remote to the site, with the uploaded device photo, they can ask the onsite staff to check the physical connections, which ports to look at, which buttons to press, etc.

The below section will show you how to add a device, place it on the Google map, and upload the device location photo using the Nebula APP.

How to add a device on Nebula APP:
  1.  Login to the Nebula APP.

  2.  Choose the organization and site where you would like to register the device.

    3.   Press on the green “+” button, and then scan the QR-code stamped on the back of the device to register the AP.

   4.  On the dashboard, you will see that the AP has been successfully registered. And then, press the AP status, as highlighted in the figure below.

  5. Press on the AP information and then you will see the detailed information including the status of the AP.

  6. Press on the “Location photo” to enter the page where you can take a snapshot or add a photo though the photo library on your mobile phone.

 7. After adding the photo, press on the GPS icon on the lower-left corner, and then choose “Yes” to use the GPS coordinates to update the device location onto the Google map.
  8.  You will see that the exact address is now updated. Press on the “Save” button to apply the settings, and then it will go back to the detailed information page where you can also check that the device location and photo have been updated.

How to check the added device on Nebula Control Center:

  1.  You may go to Site-wide > Monitor > Topology, to check the network topology.

  2.  Also, you may go to the Site-wide > Monitor > Map & floor plans, click on the AP icon on the map, and then click the MAC-address.

 3. Then you will be directed to the AP device page, here you will see the address location of the AP.


 4. On the map page, you will see the location of the device.


  5. Click on the “Photo” to see the picture which you uploaded through the Nebula APP.

 On the Nebula APP:

 1. You may also press on the address to check the device location on the map.


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