Is the repeater AP able to bridge and connect to a PoE switch when doing ZyMesh?

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Yes, when the AP is set to repeater mode, the bridge mode is disabled by default.

To enable bridging, select the option "Enable Wireless Bridging" when you set up a repeater AP.

CONFIGURATION > Wireless > AP Management > Mgnt. AP List > Edit


The topology of wireless bridge LAN:

At the time of writing, only the following AP model (Standalone mode) support the wireless bridging feature, the rest of the AP doesn’t support it.

WAC6103D-I, WAC6303D-S, WAC6502D-E, WAC6502D-S, WAC6503D-S, WAC6553D-E, WAX610D, WAX650S, NWA1123-AC-PRO, NWA55AXE, NWA130BE, WBE660S