[NEBULA] How to register your Nebula license?

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Once you have received your Nebula license key, you need to register to your organization.

By following the below process, you could easily complete the process and enjoy Nebula Pro Pack/Security Service in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: To register a key, please login to https://nebula.zyxel.com and access the organization which you would like to add the license.

Step 2: After entering into your organization, please click the Organization-wide menu then select the License & inventory as below.

Step 3: There are two places the user can add/register the license.

In Overview tab:

In License tab:

Click the Add more licenses/Add button first, and the Register license keys window will appear, then input all the License keys. 

Step 4: After the key(s) is registered successfully, the user can see the key with Unused state in the license table and use Action button to assign the license key to a device.

PS. Please check if all devices in the organization have enough licenses, if yes, please go to overview tab and click the upgrade button.

If you encounter any other issues, please create a post here and tag @Zyxel_CSO, or simply create a ticket directly.