How to use an AP in monitor mode to capture wireless packets?

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If there are some wireless issue for stations, like WiFi disconnection or station is hard to associate the AP...etc and the support people want to capture the WiFi packets without wireless adapter, the Zyxel AP can be a monitor mode to capture the wireless packet for checking. 

Which ZyXEL wireless AP models can support monitor mode?

Answer: NWA5120 series, NWA5301-NJ, WAC6500 series and WAC6103D-S

1. Go to Configuration > object > MON Profile. Select the “manual” option as the scan channel model and the wireless channel used to capture wireless packets.

2. Go to Configuration > Wireless > AP management > Edit. Select “MON Mode” and the MON profile.

The radio 1 profile is for 2.4 GHz and radio 2 is for 5 GHz.

3. Go to Maintenance > Diagnostics > Wireless Frame Capture > Capture. Select the wireless AP from the Available MON Mode APs list, click the right arrow icon to add it into the Capture MON Mode Aps list. Press Capture.

4. Go to Maintenance > Diagnostics > Wireless Frame Capture > File. Download the packet capture file.