Can the WAC6500 series APs work with 12VDC 1.5A via power adapter?

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The answer is yes and the APs will have an RF full power output. However, we don't suggest to use the power adapter without following its specification.

Some unpredictable issues migh happen as bellow:

1. If the power adapter always provides high power to the AP, it will speed up the power adapter damage ratios.

2. When the AP encounters the high peak gain of the power and the power adapter cannot afford it, the AP might get damage.
By the way, we also don't suggest that WAC6500 series APs use both the power adapter and PoE power supply at the same time.
The WAC6500 series APs don't support the dual power supply and the PoE power supply has higher priority for AP selection.

The input power spec. of the WAC6500:

DC input: 12 VDC 2 A; PoE: 802.3at compliant