What can I do when the speed of Multy X drops?

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Please check the following things for troubleshooting when you find a sharp drop in the speed.

Too close or too far from the 1st node

While installation, check the location of Multy X units in Multy X app to figure out if your 2nd Multy X unit is too close or too far away from the 1st Multy X unit. Move the 2nd Multy X unit to another location for the optimal signal.

Modem Issues

Restarting your modem can fix Internet connection problems, improve slow performance and resolve common wireless issues.

Too many devices

Whenever a device connects to your WiFi network, it has to fight with other devices for bandwidth (Internet speed). A laptop downloading files, a TV streaming online video and an online gaming session - they all want the fastest connection. But there’s only so much bandwidth to go around. Your bandwidth is stretched thin and it causes the result of a slower connection.

Internet issues

Open the Multy X app and check the test results in "Diagnosis" page to clarify if the problem is relevant to Internet speed or a specific client.

Multy X Issues

In rare cases, sometimes restarting your Multy X unit can fix connectivity issues. And don't worry, this won't erase any data. All of your settings will still be in place.

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