What is Multy X?

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Meet Multy X

We designed the new networking concept to blanket your home with wireless coverage, we called it - Multy X. We’ve created the Multy X WiFi system that adapts to your ever-multiplying network needs.

Bigger homes. More devices. Faster connections. Simply put, Multy X was created as a wifi system for these modern day demands. And, as your needs continue to change and grow, rest assured, Multy X is here to provide the coverage and performance your network craves.

Get the full Internet speed you deserve

Powered with a Tri-Band wireless system, Multy X is able to deliver maximum wireless speed through its dedicated 5 GHz connection between the Multy X units, allowing it to create a single powerful wireless network that not only delivers better coverage, but also fast wireless connection.

Automatically connects to the fastest path

No matter where you are in the home, Multy X connects to the closest Multy X unit for faster wireless connection while gaining stronger signal connection for better reliability.

Unified WiFi name & Password

Multy X creates a single wireless network name and password, allowing you to roam freely throughout your home without inputting another extender’s wireless network name and password.

Why Multy

Multy X is all about simplicity. Because this system is designed as a single network, your devices will automatically connect to the nearest Multy X allowing you to roam freely in your home without manually connecting to the nearest router or extender. Plus, connecting and managing your devices is a breeze. All you need is our Multy X app. It’s that simple.

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