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Can I add my ARMOR Z2 as an extender to the MULTY pair? I've a 6500 sq ft home and would like to keep my current ARMOR Z2 and use it as an extender in the guest room.

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    The system operation mode of ARMOR Z2 is support router or access point. You can configure ARMOR Z2 as access point if your basement has internet jack.
    (If ARMOR Z2 is router mode, it will be a double NAT network, your devices can have a hard time communicating with each other between Multy X and ARMOR Z2.)
    BTW, even though Multy X and ARMOR Z2 are used the same SSID and password, but your device cannot automatically connects to the fastest path between Multy X and ARMOR Z2.

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    I checked the user guide of ARMOR Z2, it only support router and access point mode, do you plan put the 2nd node and ARMORZ2 in the same room?
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    probably not
    I will put the 2nd node one the second floor and ARMORZ2 in the basement.

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