How to troubleshoot if the client can get an IP address but can't access Internet via Multy X?

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Step 1: Check the LED status on the 1st node of Multy X.

Please check if the LED is White Solid.
If the LED shown on the 1st node is Red Solid, it means Multy X cannot access Internet.
Please check your Internet environment.

Step 2: Directly connect the device to modem to check if the device can get Internet connection.

If you are still not able to get an Internet connection, please contact your Internet service provider.

Step 3: Open the Multy X app to check if the device is limited by Parental Control rule.

Step 4: Run "Diagnose" in the Multy X app to check the speed test result.

You will get the following results:

  • between Internet and the 1st node
  • between Internet and the 2nd node
  • between the 1st node and the 2nd node (backhaul)

Step 5: Try to reboot the 1st node and the 2nd node to refresh Multy X network.

Refer to How to restart the Multy X unit?.

Step 6: Check current firmware version in the Multy X app and update it to the latest version.

Zyxel regularly releases new firmware to improve Multy X, therefore upgrading to the latest firmware may resolve some problems.

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