NAS326 and Seagate Iron Wolf

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When volume is degraded my Seagate NAS IronWolf ST4000VN008 is not correctly recognized by NAS326. The same situation is with ST4000VN001 model. WD Red looks OK. I have read that similar situation was with Synology NASes but it was fixed by them so the problem is rather in NAS then in disk.
Second question is how long takes to rebuild 4TB mirror? My is rebuilding for 2 days. After first login just after applying repair action the progress of rebuilding was displayed in per cent. Now after login the message that volume is degraded is displayed but progress info on volume is empty. 


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    As I know while Zyxel NAS detects the bad sector, then NAS would not recognize it as usable disk. Maybe you can check if there is any bad sector in the HDD.
    And for the mirror speed part might based on your content size as it will do two steps as rebuild file system and resync data.
    Maybe you can provide the screenshot, then it will be easier to know the problem situation.

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