How to solve Dropbox problem with deleted NAStoken NSA320

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Hi all,
My dropbox sync stopped working after I deleted old files from the zDownload folder a little too enthusiastically. When googling how to solve this problem I can only find the warning not to delete the NAStoken.
Is there a way to generate a new NAStoken?


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  • Zyxel_Brian
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    Due to NSA320 had been phased out long time and Dropbox official also update their API to new one, thus there is no way to make the NSA320 sync to Dropbox anymore.
    Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.
  • nev
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    Hi, I'm also trying to Drop2NAS to my nsa320, with what is said above does that mean that my 320 is not capable of this in any way? No possible firmware updates or packages available to retrieve from Dropbox or any other cloud based storage? 
    Many thanks in advance
  • Fredzoul1
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    Sadly your NAS is EOL for Zyxel...
    Here a list with products and date :
    The latest update of this list I find is oct. 2017
  • nev
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    Thank you for the reply, although not what I was was hoping to hear :( 
  • Fredzoul1
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    I'm sorry for you, I know the supported time for this product is short...

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