[092601]automatic Firmware update



  • Theo1975
    Theo1975 Posts: 45  Zyxel Employee
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    I just can say that it was working fine for me directly.
    Got notification and upgrade went succesfull.
    No manual restart needed.
    Due to hat I was not at home when I start it, I couldn't tell you the LED state.
  • Zyxel_Support
    Zyxel_Support Posts: 436  Zyxel Employee
    Red Blinking means FW upgrade error.
    Maybe your Multy X does not finish download the firmware because Zyxel FTP server too busy or something else. However, when download/upgrade firmware failed, Multy X will boot with original firmware. You can try it later.
  • pancho35m
    pancho35m Posts: 72  Ally Member
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    The LED of the multy was blinking more than 8 hours red, so the device never makes a restart on the old firmware.

    I understand the mechanism behind it but in my case it never makes a reboot on the latest running firmware.....
  • Zyxel_Support
    Zyxel_Support Posts: 436  Zyxel Employee
    We will find out the solution about this situation.