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Owncloud shows an available update to version 8.0.16, but if I try to install, I can no longer access owncloud. The only way to regain access is to uninstall then reinstall the original version of Owncloud. Does anyone have any suggestions ?

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  • Rory
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    I checked my NAS326, seems Zyxel only support Owncloud 7.0.15, I suggest that you can try to ask Owncloud.

  • Fredzoul1
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    Hi @wwhite139,

    As I know, Zyxel won't upgrade owncloud in last version, they make an upgrade last time only to solve a CVE... If you want a best newer version, you have to install manually in a share (published). But you can't install the latest, because php is an older version and Zyxel won't make upgrade to the latest... many time asked in a deutchland forum from Zyxel... and no positive response...
  • BobInMurphy
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    Seems silly that Zyxel advertises the owncloud capability on the NAS buts doesn't offer any updates (or alternatives) to the latest versions.  For Mac users it is virtually worthless except for the most trivial of files since the offered version doesn't support extended file attributes on files which is used on the Mac and it even randomly corrupts files when sync operations fail.  Yeah, it might all be a problem with own cloud itself, but Zyxel should either lobby owncloud for fixes or remove and replace it with something more useful to the user.
  • lovideo
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    Yes, Zyxel is far behind in this field compared to other (virtually all :) ) NAS manufacturers. Too bad, Owncloud and Nextcloud are immensely valuable productivity applications. I would advise anyone who wants to use a zyxel NAS to not put it on the Internet in no circumstance. Just use it on your local network, and connect to your lan through a vpn tunnel.  Their software is just too archaic to be considered even moderately secure. Used in this way, their NAS boxes are still very useful for those who need  affordable personal storage.  I guess this is not the case for Mac users, who should avoid them at all cost if they need an Owncloud capable NAS.
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    Hi @lovideo,


    Thank you for your feedback.

    Currently we don’t have any plan for ownCloud packages of NAS series.

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