NAS540 Having trouble to set up iphone zcloud app

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recently purchased nas 540 but I never could reach it through zCloud app.

I used Zyxel drive which technically works but extremely slow. But I could never make zCloud app to find and connect to my Nas540. 

On the Find a NAS screen on the app my NAS appears with ip Whenever I press on it it says device not found. 

I skip to manually adding the device I enter my hostname with and without http:// or https:// before it and enter username and password but it can't connect. 

I'm totally lost and I don't know how to do advance settings on my router or computer or NAS540..

Would appreciate any help


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  • Rory
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    What's your mobile operating system?
    You can first check if 
    browser of phone can access your NAS540.
  • Fredzoul1
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    You can make with DDNS free service, and a host name like (, but you have to open ports on your router. I use a solution like that without problem for external access. Other solution I use, is access with private VPN !
  • Johan
    Johan Posts: 27  Freshman Member
    Are you unable to connect to the NAS in your local network as well (using local IP)? Or is it only externally?
  • Kaneda
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    I'm having similar issues. I registered an address with zyxelcloud, and I can ping that address from an external computer so that seems to be working. I have enabled uPNP on my router and also gone through the uPNP settings in the NAS.  When I try to connect through zcloud on my android phone though, it says failed to connect to NAS, check NAS IP, DYNDNS or http.... Also I can use the twonky player on my phone when on my local network, should it also work over WAN?

  • Ijnrsi
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    Do you add the port number while you type the FQDN in the zcloud APP?
    I guess your problem would simular as below link as fotget to add port nubmer:

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