NSA325 v2 cant connect by UPNP over mac airdrop!

egiddis Posts: 1  Freshman Member
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Hello, we have got zyxel.com drive. Added our device (NSA325 v2), but cant connect by upnp setup. Router is mac airport. How we can do that?? Do we need open some ports in airport? What we should do?
We make work this device over a month! Anybody can help??


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  • Ijnrsi
    Ijnrsi Posts: 254  Master Member

    Do you change any setting of NSA325 v2 or you have upgraded your mac airport firmware?
    Also, you can check the UPnP setting in Zyxel cloud page: https://mycloud.zyxel.com/
  • Johan
    Johan Posts: 27  Freshman Member
    The little experience I have with Apple products is that their routers do not have support for UPnP.

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