I cannot see video files on my phone downloaded before last fw upgrade NAS 326

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Hello,  After last firmware upgrade I didnt see any video file on my zyxel via zCloud aplication in my phone. When I downloaded something new. its there and I can watch it in my phone. I checked on file browser, and all files are on same video folder. But when I check on twonky media server, or Video browser, it shows only files downloaded after upgrade. What could be the problem. 


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  • Ijnrsi
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    Hi, what is your mobile phone? Android or iOS?
    The problem most likely the file was hidden, then twonky and zcloud would not see the file.
    Have you checked if the file is hidden as name .xxxxx?

  • Cifro
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    Mobile phone is android. 

    I dont know how can I see if the file is hidden. But I have a lot of video files downloaded before upgrade, and I cannot see any of them look at pictures. Any of files downloaded before 28.9 is not visible in video browser. 
  • MMrr
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    Have you check t the database status of Twonky?
    Maybe the Twonky server is scanning all media files.

  • Cifro
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    When I go to twonky page I see only this 
  • MMrr
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    What's the Database status? Could you provide the status snapshot?
    If it show "complete" then some videos have not be published by Twonky server,
    you can try to re-scan content via GUI of Twonky.
    Go to Twonky GUI > setting > System > Server Maintenance
    then select "Rescan Content Folders"

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