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tomrc Posts: 13  Freshman Member
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I can back from my nas326 to another nas. But I want too, backup from another nas to nas326.

Can you put the option "Source = External like nas, portable, pc any source"


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  • Zyxel_Brian
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    Hi @tomrc

    Compare Netgear ReadyNAS and Zyxel NAS, then Zyxel NAS326 current doesn't have the backup option to setup a job as making the source as from external device(PC/NAS).

    This is the new feature, and we will move this post to Ideas Discussions.
    Thanks for the idea sharing.

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  • Ijnrsi
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    Do you mean NAS326 is target?
    I think NAS is the receiver and the setting of backup should be configured on source device, not NAS326.
    For example, PC setup the backup job and target is smb:\\NAS326_IP\target _folder. 
  • tomrc
    tomrc Posts: 13  Freshman Member
    Yes I want the NAS326 be the target.

    I have NETGEAR ReadyNAS 102 and it has the option. But my nas coolmax cn-330 and NAS326 not.

    I want back up all from my Nas CN-330. But is not possible using my nas326.


    But is not possible I will transfer from my pc and then to my nas326  :/

  • Fredzoul1
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    In your Nas CN-330, you can probably set a backup job to your NAS326, No ?
    For me the logic is to create a backup job on the source to destination :-)
  • tomrc
    tomrc Posts: 13  Freshman Member
    The support is poor. There is not option to backup  :(. My plan is migrate all info to my NAS326.
  • Fredzoul1
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    Take time, make the transfert nas to nas using the explorer of your computer, wait until is finish and poweroff for eternity your CN-330...

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