NAS520 power on/off plan doesnt work / Ein-/Ausschaltplan funktioniert nicht

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i have install a new blank 4TB HDD in my NAS520 and have done a factory reset. Now i cant get the power on/off plan to work. Both on and off dosnet work at all.
ich habe eine neue 4TB HDD in mein NAS520 eingebaut und die Werkseinstellungen wiederhergestellt. Jetzt funktioniert der Ein-/Ausschaltplan nicht, weder an- noch ausschalten.

Was kann ich tun?


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  • DLH007
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    Had the NAS for a while, but never use the on/off plan until now. I noticed the plan works, if i do a reboot after setting/chaning the plan. But this was only a short test, dont know if this works for a longer time.

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    This issue is known and old. Since like three month? No news about an update....I have another thread open about that too.... the old german forum is with a loooong thread about it too.. Seems like we are on our own. I think the problem is that the settings dont persist (mine at least) after power loss and switching on power the nas comes on. After switching off and switching power supply on again (for example with a power plug with a switch) Do it again and it keeps off.... No idea where the setting persist. So I would just write an init script to over write the config...
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    You are note alone... I have the problem, for me only for shuting down after +4hours online... In case, in zyxel scheduling, I only register start hour every day and for shuting down every day, I use the Mijzelf tweak with metarepository, it work perfectly ! People have the problem with the plan after electricity shutdown, for me this this issue is not present.
    We can wait for an update, but I think it's not a priority for zyxel because this issues exist from a long time...

    You have to know that in the past, I often have negatives comment about zyxel, I tested Syno and Qnap.

    Today, I can say that zyxel is not the worst, other product have default, positive and negative points too... zyxel is in the middle in my choice, but for the price, good products and now I'm much positive about zyxel, that's the reason I'm here to help at my level :-)

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