NAS 326 transfer speeds slow.

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I have a NAS326, running two 5700RPm 6.0Gb/s drives in a RAID0 configuration. I have a gigabit Trendnet switch, where I have my laptop (gigabit), my server(gigabit), Zyxel NAS (gigabit) and a Trend Net Nas (gigabit). For some reason whether transferring from my laptop to the ZyXel or from Trendnet to Zyxel I see speeds in the 40-60mbs range. Shouldn’t these speeds be much higher? All cables are cat 6 solid copper cables, personally made, tested with 0 faults. I have the latest firmware running on my Zyxel, is there some misconfiguration or some settings need to be changed?


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  • Mihawk
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    What is your OS?
    I test my NAS326 and copy data to my NB_Acer(WIndwos 7), then the result of speed both can upto 90~100Mbps.
    I use Zyxel switch and cat5.e, but didn't configure any special setting in NAS or switch.
    NAS is RAID0 with 2 WD 1TB.
    Maybe you can driectly connect NB and NAS to check the speed.
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    OS on my laptop is windows 10 pro, and windows server 2012 data center edition on my actual server. I dont believe that configuration would work, as the laptop would not be able to detect the NAS if directly connected to it via Ethernet, there is no USB connection option.
  • Mihawk
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    I test samba and FTP on my Win10 PC and got the download 70~80Mbps, and upload 50~60Mbps, both through switch and cat 5.e cable.
    So I make the PC and NAS326 with static IP and try again, then got the same result.
    I use the default setting on NAS326, so I think this is the limitation for upload between NAS326 with Win10, and the download speed would be effected by CPU and HDD write performance or some program to cause PC performance low.

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