About the Multy X network capabilities (DNS, LAN, IP Reservation, Port Forwarding etc)

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My setup is a VM cable connection and I want to replace the provided router completely, putting it into modem mode.
Does the Multy X support any of the following:-
  1. Changing the DHCP scope, already have a wired network with a few devices on static IP; can I change the DHCP scope to my range so I don't have to re-address?
  2. Likewise can it handle DHCP reservations for some devices?
  3. Can I change the DNS from the ISP provided servers?
  4. Does it support port forwarding? Also is there a "DMZ mode" or similar, where all inbound traffic is forwarded to a certain device?
  5. Finally as each Multi X device has LAN ports can I use the remote unit as a LAN extender? (Getting rid of Powerline adaptors which "sort of" work...)

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