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i have a new NAS326 (Firmware-Version:V5.21(AAZF.1)) and i want to configure the NAS to send EMails. I filled each field with the needed information ... also the SMTP-server with the correct credentials. But the result of the test email is always: error.
Only "error", no more details.
The email account is working (i checked it) and i am wondering, what is going wrong.
In the meantime i have created several email accounts on different email providers. But no one is working. Each one returns the message: error.
Is there any trick tio get this feature working?
Or is there any log-file on the NAS to get more detailed informtion what "error" is meaning?

Thanks in advance ... Stevieboy


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  • Mihawk
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    What email address did you use? Google or other? 
    If you use Google mail, that please go to account security of Google, then enable function of Allow less secure apps, then you might possible to use email with your NAS.

  • MMrr
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    I also enable the function with my google account, you can give it a try.

  • Stevieboy
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    Hi Mihawk, hello Kitty,
     It's a Google account and once i enabled function to Allow less secure apps, Email was send.
    Thanks for your help.
    ... Stevieboy
  • Poul
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    I've similar problem, but with a POP3-mail-account ?
    Possibly a detailed description for the email-setup ? ?

    Thanks in advance
  • Wiasouda
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    What kind of mail server did you use on your NAS? The domain address should like, such as google:
    And does your mail server support smtp over TLS? Means the mail will be sent to port 25 first, then message submission to port 587, so if your mail server no longer support port 25, then you may not possible to use.
  • dvbird
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    This doesn't work any more.
  • JasminJast

    So what should I do?


    <a href="">seterra</a>



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