NAS326 Power On/Off Schedule is not working

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i have configured my NAS326 (Firmware-Version:V5.21(AAZF.1) to Power Off and also Power On again automatically each night/day. Unfortunately it doesn't work as expected.

Mostly the NAS is not shutdown during night as scheduled (it's configured to Power down at 01:30am). It is still running when i check it early in the morning at 06:00am while the configured Power On schedule is later (afternoon). This means, the NAS is running 24 hours, or i need to power down it manuell.

I tried daily frequencies and also separat schedules for each day as well. But no Power On/Off confiuration is working steady.
Did someone observe the same behavior? Is this a bug in the Firmware?

Thanks in advance and regards ... Stevieboy


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