No VOIP tab on my VMG8924-B10A

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I am trying to use this modem/router  for making VOIP calls, but upon opening the setup interface there is no VOIP tab and I cannot find where to initiate it when reading the latest manual. Although it shows the VOIP tab in the instructions. I've updated the firmware and still no VOIP tab.
I've also trawled the web for more info' but everything assumes the VOIP tab to be present.
I'm assuming this model does support VOIP with it being referred to in the manual. Am I correct or not?
So can anyone please advise how to expose the tab and set up VOIP?
Many thanks in advance.


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  • Peter
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    Hi roj
    Not sure if you are seeing the tab or button and it is just greyed out.
    If the tab is there but just greyed out or disabled 
    Go to the Network settings on the NAT page, click the select the ALG tab 
    then for SIP ALG: click Enable, click Apply.
    That should enable the SIP TAB
    if the SIP tab is not there. Sorry no idea. 

  • Ardmaine
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    Any luck with this problem?. I have the very same issue
  • Ardmaine
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    I have the answer to this if you want to email me
  • YeK
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    Hi roj,

    May I know where you bought this VMG8924-B10A? Yes, you are correct, in general, voip page appears on GUI. But if your ISP decide to hide it, you will not find it. 
  • solidbaseseven
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    Hi, I have the same problem, is there a solution to this that anyone knows about, I bought the router off ebay although it looks like the ISP disabled the function, is there a way of enabling it?
  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi solidbaseseven,

    Can you please help provide firmware version of your device? Then I will let you know if it’s customized version. But if it’s ISP disabled it, it’s impossible to enable it by configuration. 

  • @Ardmaine I have the same problem. I am running model VMG3925-B10A on firmware V5.13(ABAA.11)C0. I couldn't see the VoIP tab to configure my sip trunk. 

  • Zyxel_Support_CPE
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    Hi mazhagiah,

    VMG3925-B10A is DSL gateway so that’s why you cannot find VoIP ports/settings on this.

  • Hello - I have a vmg8924-b10a with firmware version 1.00(AAKL.24)C0.
    Is this knackered by my ISP (John Lewis Broadband)?
    Thank - Martin

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