NSA320 corrupt data issue

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I have an NSA320 with 4TB storage (2 each 2TB drives).  I copied several hundred gigs of info from a failing internal drive to the NAS and have since been trying to restore it to a new drive..  50 - 100 GB of data appears corrupt and will not copy.  Also, during the copy attempt, one of the 2 drive lights eventually turns red indicating a failure of some sort.  Is there any way to either repair the data or better yet, pull the drives and access them directly?  I know very little about NAS storage so any help would be appreciated.


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    If you are using RAID 0 or JBOD for your disks, and got the problem with HDD, then you should backup your data right away, bcz RAID 0 and JBOD don't have the way to repair/rebuild/recover and if the data exactly wrote at the bad sector, then you would not be possible to get the data back.
    Try copy small size or one by one to skip bad sector.

    For disk lights red part:
    The user manual mentioned the drive light red is the HDD has error or bad sector.

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    For the futur, I propose you ta make double backup of your data.
    For exemple, I have a production NAS at home, every day a backup of all data is started to another nas (raid5 on all nas). And every month, all data are backuped on an external stockage and i place it in another location, for security reason. And this only for home network...
    Because losing data costs a lot of money, time and anxiety !!!
    Hope for you the data you lose are not the most important for you.
    Best Regards. :-)

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    In this case you could copy the whole defective disk to a new disk using ddrescue. The new disk will have corrupted byes, but it's no longer a hardware problem, so you can copy the files.

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