Adding more disks to the NAS542

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I want to get the NAS542 and have a question regarding the space.
In the end I want to have 3x8tb in raid5 in the NAS.
Currently I have a 8tb disk with all the data I have to transfer to the NAS. Can I set up the NAS with Raid 5 even if I have two disks in it and then add the third one after copying everything to the NAS?
I feel rather uncertain of this working and would love to get an answer before getting the NAS and disks.

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  • Fredzoul1
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    Hi, You have to know that RAID5 require minimum 3 disk !
    You have to install minimum 3 disks, create your volume, transfert your data and after you can add a last disk and extend the volume with the 4 disk the NAS542 accept.
    Other Solution is to create a raid1 with two disk, transfert your data, add the third disk and modify the raid type to raid5, but I'm not sure if the nas allow the migration from raid1 to raid5... I think that's the best way is to buy directly another disk and start with raid5. :-)
    Have a nice day !
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    Hi, based Fredzoul1's reommandation, here you can refer the following link as expand RAID 1 to RAID 5:!viewDetail.action?articleOid=015008&lang=EN
  • Fredzoul1
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    Thanks for this link, very useful for all :-)
    Perfekt :smiley:

    EDIT : 
    Additionnal info, the doc (KB) said change type from raid5 to raid6 is possible, but on mine, not possible to manage de volume. Only create (if you have unused hdd or delete the existant volume). But no problem for me, my raid5 is ok and exist from FW 5.04 with all update to the last FW, Really good stability :-)

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