NAS326 - Raid Basic - Read disk removed from device

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Hi everyone this is my first post to this forum...

I've got a question that will -hopefully- require a quick and easy answer.

I am thinking of buying Zyxel NAS326 for using it as a longterm backup and repository solution.
It will be switched off and unplugged most of the time except for when i will be updating my longterm backup.

In fact i will be using both disks for storing exactly the same data in each one (something like RAID1 without implementing it) .

Why not use RAID1? Because i want to be able to read my data even if the NAS326 fails as a device.
In other words i want -at any time- to be able to read the data on a disk removed from a NAS326 device when i connect it to an ext4 read capable pc either directly or using an external usb case.

So i wanted to ask anyone who might know, is BASIC Raid* suitable for what i want?
Rephrasing my question: If i configure 2 disks as BASIC Raid in a NAS326 will i be able to read their data if i remove them from the NAS326 and plug both of them or either of them to a pc capable of reading ext4?

Thanks in advance even for taking the time to read my message.



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