NAS 326 won't startup with drive installed

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So I was doing some organizing and ended up safely shutting down and unplugging my NAS for a bit while I cleaned. When I went to plug it back in I found that the power light just flashes every couple of seconds and the nas refuses to start up. I tried removing the drive and it starts just fine without the drive inside. Upon reinstalling the drive the same issue returns. I am using the provided power cable and brick so I don't believe its a power issue. I am on the latest firmware as well. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?


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  • Mijzelf
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    Do you have the possibility to test if the disk is OK?

    What you are describing is a typical behavior if the power supply can't deliver enough juice to spin up the disk. That can be the power supply which is dying (and it's and electronic device, so it will die, some day) or the disk.

    If you had your NAS configured to never spin down the disk, the problem can be as old as the previous time you switched on the NAS. A disk needs significantly more power to spin up then to keep spinning.
  • InsanePresence
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    I'm going to try to test the disk outside the NAS today. If that checks out would it be worth buying a new power adapter that puts out 5 amps online? The unit is less than a month old at this point so I wouldn't think it would die that quickly.
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    If the disk is OK, and the NAS is less than a month old, then I would bring it back and ask for another. It should be well within warranty.
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    You can refer the compatibility list from Zyxel website:

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