No files or media visible in music/photo/video

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NAS542, FW V5.21, Twonky server 8.3-19

Not sure when/how the problem started, but I do not see any media in my music/photo/video shares. And consequently can't see any media on eg my TV.

In filemanager all files are visible and accessible. Checked the twonky server (which is enabled) and it gives eg "/mnt/mediaShares/video" as shared folder. Could this be wrong? If so how to change or update?

The shares are published (at least the check box is selected), media server is enabled in UPnP Port Mapping. 

All users (admin & PC guest) have read/write folder access.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


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  • Wiasouda
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    Hi TheoB,
    You can try to rescan the shared contect in Twonky management page.
    The path is setting > system > system maintenance > rescan content folder.

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    You can check the privilege settings on the users.
    Maybe the file is not available for user to read/access

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