Hardware issue with NSA325 V1?

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12 months ago my NSA325 died a sudden death. The system will not boot anymore. Power LED is on, but when I push it, it blinks for some seconds but nothing happens. HDD2 LED is slightly glowing. So I bought a used one, because I did not want to loose the data from the disks. Last month, my friends NSA325 had exactly the same death, his device was only a few months younger than mine. So I start to believe, that the NSA has some hardware issue from the start, maybe using the lead free soldering, like PS3 issues? Is there something known? Can I repair them somehow? I am really disappointed with the Zyxel NAS Quality, so I ordered now 2 QNAP x31P2 NAS to replace my NSA325, hopefully QNAP has a better quality!



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