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Anyone knows why the device list is greyed out when in bridge mode?


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  • Dash
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    Hi egs48,
    Bridge Mode means your Multy X as wireless access point, so you cannot control the station (client). The station (client) only can be control by upper router. You can see the pop up message on Multy X app when you're going to change Multy X as Bridge Mode.

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    Thanks for your feature request and welcome to ZYXEL COMMUNITY HOME FORUM!
    I have moved this post to Ideas Discussions. It is a good suggestion and we will evaluate it.  :)

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  • elcapito
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    Thanks! Understand, but it would be nice (and possible) to have a listing of who is on your network.....without interfering with the "control" of the "upper router"! As info only!

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