To Bridge or not to Bridge?

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On my brand new Multy X setup, I have both tried bridged and non-bridged connection to my modem. In bridged mode I lose some functionality. So far, I cannot see any performance differences between the two setups! I understand the difference between the two....but is it necessary to choose bridged mode, even though you have an "upper" router?


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    I think it is depend on your usage.
    Bridge mode of Multy X just like Switch, but it has wireless feature. 

    If Multy X as router mode and you also have a router which connected before Multy X.
    It will happen some situation:
    - Two DHCP pool.
    - Your client devices may have a hard time communicating between two network.
    - Double NAT, but it does not affect WiFi performance. Some case may have the problem when play online games or use IP address assignments, port forwarding rules, and UPnP.

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