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I used my iPad to setup my Multy system. When I open the app on my iPhone, it does not find the system in the app, even though it’s connected through the appropriate WiFi. I’m logged in to my Zyxel profile in both apps. How do I ensure that I can manage the system from multiply handheld devices?
Not good to only have one. If I lost that device or needed to reset, I’d have to reinstall the system...

Thanks for any advise...


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    Hi PeteH,

    I have 2 mobile devices and I'm using the same account to log in Multy X app, everything works fine.
    Firmware version: V1.00(ABKJ.3)C0
    Android 5, ASUS Zenfone 2
    APP version: V1.4.0.171207
    iOS 11.2.1, iPhone X
    APP version: V1.4.0.171211

    What is your Multy X app version and Multy X firmware version?
    Do you try to reinstall Multy X app? Or log out and then log in Multy X app again?
    Do you have other mobile device can try?

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    It is recommended to register an account on myZyxelCloud for better supports and services.
    The benefits with a registered account:
    - The configurations are saved in both your mobile device and myZyxelCloud. You can manage Multy X units from any of your mobile devices with the same account.
    - Amazon Alexa skill needs to login with myZyxelCloud account.
    - Multy X will support push notification in future, push notification also need to login with myZyxelCloud account.

    If you don't link your Multy X to a myZyxelCloud account:
    - Factory reset your phone.
    - Get a new phone.
    - Want to access the Multy X app from a device other than the one used for initial setup.
    You need to reset and reinstall Multy X to get access right. Because Multy X and your mobile device will exchange the shared secret during installation progress. (The shared secret is different every time.)
  • PeteH
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    I’m already signed in to the account on both devices. Yet, still only able to see the system on the original device.
  • PeteH
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    Correction: It works now. I signed out and back in on my iPhone, and now it finds the system just fine. THanks!

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