How can I shut down NSA-325v2 from a Raspberry (openHAB)?

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Hey guys.
I started using openHAB on a Raspberry Pi. While it's easy to turn the NAS on, I'm having troubles turning it off again through openHAB.
I use the binding Wake-on-LAN, which suggests the following:
Switch networkPC "Computer" (network, gOGBuero) { wol="", exec=">[OFF:net rpc shutdown -C MESSAGE -I -U USER%%PASSWORD -f -t 120]" }
However, nothing happens. Upon logging into the Pi through SSH and executing the command (net rpc...), Pi returns Connection failed: NT_STATUS_HOST_UNREACHABLE Any ideas if a remote shutdown is possible at all? Regards, Alex


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    'net rpc' is a samba tool to send Windows RPC messages. AFAIK that will only work on Windows targets.

    You can do a remote shutdown by enabling the ssh daemon on the NAS and execute
    ssh [email protected] poweroff

    I'd rather replace the IP by a hostname, but I don't know if your network DNS supports that.

    This way you'll have to enter a password. That can be bypassed by using ssh keyless login. To get that running root needs to have a non-volatile home directory. By default it is volatile. Using Tweaks you can change root's homedirectory.

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