Access NAS on mobile which works

Csongor Posts: 5  Freshman Member
edited January 2018 in Personal Cloud Storage
Hi Experts,

Can you recommend a mobile app I can use to access my Zyxel NAS 520 on my phone when I am accessing it from the outside internet.

I have both Zyxel Drive and ZCloud installed, but both of them are a waste of time. Is there any other solution which works decently?



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  • tomtom38
    tomtom38 Posts: 6  Freshman Member
    I recommend an VPN connection and a File manager such like ES File manager.
    What is the problem with zyxel drive/cloud
  • Csongor
    Csongor Posts: 5  Freshman Member
    zyxel drive fails on me so many time. When I have folders with lots of file and other filters, the just fails to load the file list. Very annoying.
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