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Thanx for answering my last three questions. ...just one more question ;-)
Does Multy X provide access control for WIFI devices by white- or blacklisting MAC addresses? Is there a default option, that denies access for unknown devices?
Thanx again for a quick response!


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  • Zyxel_Steven
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    Multy X has "Parental Control" feature.
    Please refer to FAQ about How to set up the Parental Control feature? .  :)
    You can block the device to access Internet or add the device to the group schedule to limit it.

  • AWeiss2K
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    This doesn't really answer the question.  Is there a way to prevent devices from connecting to the router by MAC address?  Even on a guest network, I'd like to be able to approve all devices before they can connect, or at least have that option.
  • Zyxel_Steven
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    Hi All,
    Currently, Multy X does not support Access Control by by white/black listing MAC address.
    Thanks for your feature request and welcome to ZYXEL COMMUNITY HOME FORUM!
    I have moved this post to Ideas Discussions. And we will evaluate it.  :)

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