Syslog-ng uses 40-50% processor power continuously. Can not start FTP service.

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My NAS520 have issues after V5.21(AASZ.0) update. I noticed that the "syslog-ng" process takes 40-50% of processor power continuosly. At the same time, I noticed that the FTP service had stopped. I try to start it, but in LOG i can only read: "build-in-service | notice | FTP server stops".
Please suggest what I could do about both problems or how can I do downgrade to the previous version of firmware.


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  • Mijzelf
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    Have you already tried a factory reset?
  • NASreddin
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    @ emil:
    I am having the same issue. I got my NAS326 two days ago, placed 2 HDDs in Raid1 mode and now the CPU load is at 100% all of the time. The task manager suggests it's the syslog-ng putting nearly 100% load onto the CPU.

    @ mijzelf:
    I'd hesitate to do a factory reset as I'd expect it to delete all of my settings. Although I saved my config to a local disk I'm not sure if the issue causing the 100% load is not inside my saved config. So the reset would not prove the theory.

    @ all:
    Any other ideas or proposals?

    Thank you!
  • NASreddin
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    @ all: btw, FW is the latest: V5.21(AAZF.1). There's no data stored on the raid and no apps installed. It's just the empty disks in dle mode. The only access is me on the NAS' homescreen / desktop

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