NAS540: After rebuilding RAID5, recover lost directories and files

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Hi all,

Two days ago my NAS540 showed the volume of the RAID5 array was degraded, and upon checking I found that one of the hard drives had failed. I replaced the hard drive and had the NAS repair the array, which it's been doing the past 30 hours. That has now finished, it shows the volume as being healthy, 5.8TB out of 10.73TB being in use, but there are only two directories showing (admin and music), none of the others (films, series, backup) are there.

I'm approaching the NAS via Windows 7. Both Windows Explorer and the File Browser in the NAS desktop show only these two directories.

I have already rebooted the NAS, that did not fix things.
How can I recover the 'lost' directories and the files within?


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    Rebuilding a raid5 array should be transparent, and have no influence on anything else. (Except a lower throughput and some serious processor load during the rebuild).

    Don't know what happened to your shares. Is that 5.8TB about the same as it was before the rebuild.

    Have a look at the shares entry of your webinterface. Maybe you'll only have to re-enable the shares.

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