[010801]What is new in the Multy X App Version

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Hi Team,

what are the new features on the Firmware?
Please could you give us a list. Also which Bugs are fixed......
Thanks a lot!!!!!!


  • Theo1975
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    Yes, @pancho35m that would be good to know.
  • Zyxel_Support
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    APP V1.4.1.171227 with FW V1.00(ABKJ.3)C0.
    New features:
    - Support Bridge Mode
    - Support Port Forwarding
    - Support DMZ
    - Bug fixes and enhancements
      -> When upgrading FW,
            if Multy X is not able to connect FTP server, APP will by pass the lock screen to let user still can use APP. In previous version, it will lock in FW upgrade screen.

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