How keep hard drives in NAS truly independent ("True" JBOD)?

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Hello everyone!

Here comes a question that I am surprised to not have found an answer to anywhere – or at least more interest in...

I would like to be able to put a new hard drive in my NAS326, to manually copy data from the hard drive that is already there (Which is in basic “RAID”) and then remove it, without the data on any of the drives being messed up because some JBOD/RAID architecture has been broken up.

This should be possible in “true” JBOD but in Zyxels version of JBOD it seems like it doesn't work. I have however found this in an older thread elsewhere:

“Ok, so I called Zyxel support that logged in via remote desktop and showed me how to do it. I had created different volumes correctly, but the sharing part for different folders and volumes was not crystal clear. JBOD was not a way to do this as discussed above, but multiple single disks. They were very helpful and now I have separate volumes as well as shares on the two disks that are in there now. So it acts pretty much like multiple external HDD:s - exactly like I wanted it.”

Exactly like I want it too! :smile: Does anyone know the secret?? Any God level wisdom would be very appreciated... :smile:

Addition: According to Zyxels manual it is only possible to have one HD in basic “RAID”. I have tried and installed both my HD:s as basic, with one volume on each, but only the original volume is visible over the network.


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