Missing Nas542 Icon/connection under Network. Wtd?

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I have this problem: As of yesterday, i cant get an icon to show up under Network, besides the icon computer. Its Windows 10  Pro. Im talking about File Explorer. Its ALWAYS the nr1 way to copy and paste and delete files and folders on my Nas542. BUT yesterday, the icons is gone, and navigation and copying and pasting and deleting is a nightmare on the 542 without full access within File Explorer. I didnt change anything, but now its gone. Tried EVERYTHING I know to get it to work, plug things in and out, updating. Nothing works.

I am connected to the Nas through a Netgear Router. Anyways I see the icon for Zyxel 542 under media devices but NOT besides the my computer icon. And right now it seems the only way to be able to copy and paste files and folders. Have a lot of movie folders that I right now cant get to work properly, without the right access under file explorer. 
What can I do? 


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    An update of W10? I have reason to believe that the network icons can be related to NetBIOS. And possibly the NetBIOS layer is disabled together with SMB1.

    Yet you should be able to navigate to your NAS by entering '\\NAS542' in the address bar of file explorer. 

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