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I got my multy X yesterday and have been getting it all set up.

When trying to connect my Google home minis and Chromecasts though I get a message telling me to disable ap isolation but I can't find how to do this in the app.

Any ideas?


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    Hi kopite,
    I cannot find the setting about AP isolation in Multy X app, but it seems disable AP isolation as default. My devices are connected to Multy X and they can communicate each other. (I have a Chromecast Gen. 1 without the problem.)

    FW of Multy X: V1.00(ABKJ.3)C0
    Android APP of Multy X: V1.4.1.171227 
    Topology: Internet---<WAN>Router<LAN>---<WAN>1st Multy X)))<WLAN>(((2nd Multy X)))<WLAN>(((All devices

    - What's generation of your Chromecast?
    - Is your control device (Install Google Home app) and Chromecast both connect to "Private network" of Multy X? (Not Guest WiFi) 
    - Can you share your network topology?

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  • kopite
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    This was a weird one.  When I first added the devices it said about ap isolation but the next day they all just worked.

    All works now then :D

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