Disk group necessary?

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I recently purchased a Nas542 and want to draft the layout of volumes and disks. Unfortunately, Zyxel's manual is very short on explanations, to say it nicely. Since changes often require a reformat, it would be good to get the layout right, in the first place.
I have two (now completely empty) 6TB disks and want them as JBOD and to be one volume. So far so good. In the future I plan to add more disks (No. 3 and possibly 4), which should then become additional volumes each (or also as a JBOD, but not part of the first one).
I am a little bit puzzled whether I already now have to create disk groups (which are supposed to be slower)? Can I group the initial two disks also later? Do I not need disk groups at all for this, and take the usual route of a "volume on raid"?

Any help would be appreciated
thanks in advance



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    With disk group, you can create the volume as JBOD and while you add the disk 3 and 4, you can manage the original disk group and expand the group capacity and volume capacity, or you can create another group and volume with the new capacity 
    But you might need to know, since JBOD doesn't have reocvery way to protect the data, so you have to regular backup your data to prevent unexpect problem occurred.

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