My NAS326 does not appear on the Windows10 File Manager

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NAS326 does not appear under 'Network' in the File Manager except as a media device and a Wonky handler, but not under 'Computer'.  Under 'This PC' it appears under 'Network Locations', but when I double click, only the Music and Video folders appear, the Admin and Photos folder are not there.  When I log into the NAS itself and use the local File Manager, all four folders appear just fine.

How do I get the NAS326 device and folders to display properly in the Windows10 File Manager?


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  • Ijnrsi
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    Do you check the privilege setting of share folder for admin and photo? 
    And do you ever use other account to login your windows 10 file manager?
    If you set "Hide in "My Network Places"" for admin and photo, then it would not display in network location, also if you use non-privilege account to access NAS326 though network location, then the folder wouldn't display too.

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