Requests: Multy App - add signal strength to Multy placement screen

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Issue:  Comparing Multy AP locations could be improved.

Request  1:  add the actual signal strength on the Multy when using the placement screen.  In my experience, the indicator bar never moved. it always stayed to the far left.. but the screen always says "too close or too far" which is not that helpful.  My request to add the actual signal strength would make it easier for me to compare locations by using 1 data point of reference  (signal strength dB).

Request 2:   on that same screen -- can you add a quick "Speed Test" button that only tests the link speed between the AP and the main Multy (skip the other speed tests). Even better, have it automatically test and shown while on this screen.  Then we could have 2 data points to compare locations  (signal strength dB and speed test between Multy main and AP).

Request 3:   it appears this screen is only available when setting up the Multy AP the first time. Can you allow us to use this feature on a Multy that is already setup? For example, the Multy is setup in one location. If I unplug it and move it to another location, it would be nice to see the signal strength and speed test.  Right now, I have to manually remove the Multy, and then go through the setup process again to view this signal strength screen which is not that convenient.

thank you



  • Zyxel_Steven
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    Hi chip,
    Thanks for your suggestion and feature request in Multy X APP.
    We will evaluate and improve it. :)

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