NAS520 Can't activate FTP-Server


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  • Mark
    Mark Posts: 11  Freshman Member

    I assumed that a reset would delete all users, shares, backup plans etc.  And maybe my tweaks?

    Is that not the case?

  • Mijzelf
    Mijzelf Posts: 2,002  Guru Member
    It will delete all users and backup plans. It will delete the shares, in the meaning that they will no longer be shared. But the directories and data remain on disk, you only have to re-enable the share.

    About Tweaks, all packages will be disabled (the 'enabled' flag is on the flash partition) but the internal settings of the packages are not touched. The reset mechanism doesn't 'know' about the package internals.
    So after re-enabling the packages. including Tweaks, will work again.
  • steves
    steves Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    I have this problem as well. Has anyone tried the factory reset? I chickened out when it said "All your data will be completely delete." Any other solutions?
  • Wiasouda
    Wiasouda Posts: 156  Ally Member
    factory reset would not delete all data, just NAS config and setting, but if you delete volume, then all data will be deleted.
  • steves
    steves Posts: 2  Freshman Member
    I backed up my configuration, did the factory reset, logged in with default pw, data was there but not accessible for users I created. However, I verified the FTP service now works. I did a restore configuration to get access to user data and the FTP problem came back. I guess I could move all the data under admin  and do it again. What a PITA! Any way to just reset the corrupted database that is throwing the FTP error?

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