Newbie Help - DyDNS Enable in NAS326 or in the Router or both

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I am new to setting up my own NAS and am slowly learning.  I have decided to use noip as my DyDNS service provider.  My question is, do I enable DyDNS in my NAS326, my router or in both?  I understand that you must enable it in your router so that your router points traffic to your NAS but I am confused if it also needs to be enabled in the NAS.  Or, would you only enable it in the NAS if it is not behind a router?


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    If you only request remote access for your NAS326,
    you can use myZyXELcloud,
    following KB for you reference.!viewDetail.action?articleOid=014720&lang=EN

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    DyDNS doesn't do anything than registering your public IP address in an DNS service. It does nothing locally. So it makes no sense to enable it on several devices behind the same public IP. And if you have the choice, enabling it on a router is more efficient, as the router knows when it's external address changes.

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