mods please delete - thanks

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edit: problem resolved - mods please delete?
changed ip addy on pc to within range of suspect ip of nas = visible.

whoops Ijnrsi sorry i hadn't realised you had replied - so sorry!


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    If you remember your hostname of NSA325 v2 then you can use \\nsa325v2 on address bar with Windows explorer to access NAS or http://nsa325v2 on browser.

    If no success, try reset NSA325 IP by pressing hardward reset button with 1 beep and release it, then your login password back to 1234 and IP address returns to DHCP.
    NSA325 v2 back to DHCP, then you can use NSA utility or router's client table to find the IP address.
    Also you can use following link to find your NSA325 v2.

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    thanks Ijnrsi
    while i was messing around i hadn't realised you had replied and edited my original post without refreshing. 
    thanks for the info i wasn't sure of them.
    the findme link's documentation mentioned partitioning hence my concern.
    all sorted now, once again sorry for the hasty edit!!

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