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I have two questions/concerns.   

I recently added a third node to my Multy system.  I reset the whole system and started from scratch and the installation generally went smoothly.  However, of my two satellite nodes:  the basement satellite node has a solid blue light, which the user guide says it should be when in extender mode.  The kitchen satellite has a solid white light.  When I only had two nodes set up, the satellite and gateway were always both solid white once booted up.  I have seen them turn blue temporarily during boot up, but they've never stayed blue.  The new basement node stays blue.  All three nodes work perfectly, and I am getting 300+Mb/s internet speeds on computers connected via ethernet to both satellites (I pay for 300).  Why are the two satellite lights different colors, and does this indicate a problem?

Also - not sure if related - but the speed test in the app fails for the kitchen (white light) node, and is successful for the basement (blue light) node - for both the internet test and the backhaul connection test.  However, I clearly have full connection at both nodes since I can access the network through both.

Thanks for your help!  Would appreciate your insights.

* I think I figured it out.  I hard-rebooted the basement satellite only - not the kitchen - by unplugging its power (I had already rebooted all three nodes through the app).  The basement node's light is now white like the kitchen's, all both satellites now show successful speed tests.  Hmm.


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  • Penny
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    Blue Solid of LED means that node's Backhaul is connecting to 1st node (Root AP).
    After Backhaul connected, it will turn to White Solid (Backhaul Finish).
    For your reference about Backhaul connection of LED status.
    Backhaul Connecting: Blue Solid
    Backhaul Disconnect: Red Solid
    Backhaul Configuring: White Blinking
    Backhaul Finish: White Solid
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    Hi @Steve

    Glad to see you on forum!   
    After undergoing the internal discussion,
    we need the log file for checking when issue appear,
    so please send the file to us when you encounter this situation.
    And as always we welcome you to submit new discussion on our forum.    ;)


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