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IT'S POSSIBLE UPGRADE TO PHP 7 on NAS326? If is possible, from where i can do it?


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  • viktorio
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    I also ask this question...

  • tocmac
    tocmac Posts: 1
    Any update about this issue? I need the update for PHP 7.x.x
  • woodgorg
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    Really need a update pushed on the app centre for phpMyAdmin 4.8.5
    without it wordpress is very limited. I'm not sure if theres a way to do it manually.
  • Emerald Dragon
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    I also need to update my PHP version so I can use the latest WordPress. Did anyone found out how?
  • Sapphire23
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    AFAIK you can't update php to v7x on NAS326, but you can install WordPress from the packages.

  • Emerald Dragon
    Emerald Dragon Posts: 118  Ally Member
    Yeah, that I know. But it's not installing the latest, and I can't update it to current version of WordPress.
  • I would like to update the PHP version. How is it possible?
  • Shaker
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    From what I know, Zyxel is about to shutdown their NAS business and concentrate on other things. I don't think, we will get any major improvements for these devices. What I have found, but not yet tried is this:

  • Mijzelf
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    While you can install php7 that way, it won't be available in the firmware webserver as it runs in a different environment than ffp. To use it (in a webserver) you will also need to install a webserver in ffp.

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