What is the max capacity of single HDD in NAS540?

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Currently I have WD Red 6TB and considering to add another Hard drive. I'm aiming one of Seagate IronWolf but not sure which capacity will work with my Zyxel NAS 540 (minimum 6TB). I'm not planning any RAID.
It would be a storage non system drive.
Could anyone advise?


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    So in my case, may I install 4 drives each as a single volume as long as any of them is not bigger than 16 TB each?
    I found in changelog '521AATB0C0.pdf' below lines:

    Enhancement in V5.04(AATB.0)C0 | 05/14/2015
    Fully Support 6TB HDD via JBOD and RAID5
    Expand a larger HDD capacity=> over 10TB

    And at the end: Did anyone tried Seagate IronWolf drives? Are they good? Are they quiet?
    Anything else should I know before spent a money?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I am not aware of a maximum disk size. The maximum volume size is 16TiB, due to restrictions on the filesystem. Don't know if you can setup several volumes if you insert a disk bigger than that.
    For now that is a theoretical issue, as the biggest disk for sale is 12TB, AFAIK.

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